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Details for Request 4(09)-13

Request Type: Experiment
Requesting Agency: California DOT
State: CA
Date of Request: 7/12/2011
Topic: Yellow LED Border on Ped Signal
Affected Portions of 2009 MUTCD: Section 4E.04
FHWA Ruling: 12/12/2011 Approved request to experiment
Experiment Status: Active
Keywords: Pedestrian Signals| Pedestrians| Traffic Control Signals

Contact Information:

Name: Rob Stinger
Address: 1657 Riverside Drive
Redding, CA 96049-6073
Phone: 530 225 3229
E-mail: rob_stinger@dot.ca.gov

Documents currently available:

1).   California DOT's letter to the FHWA regarding the experiment's concept  (PDF, HTML)
2).  FHWA's response letter to the California DOT regarding the experiment's concept  (PDF, HTML)
3).  California DOT's request to experiment  (PDF, HTML)
4).  FHWA's response letter approving the request to experiment  (PDF, HTML)
5).  California DOT's first and second semi-annual progress reports  (PDF, HTML)

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