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Details for Request 4(09)-9

Request Type: Experiment
Requesting Agency: City of Austin
State: TX
Date of Request: 4/22/2011
Topic: Non-standard Sequence with Adaptive Flashing Red Arrow
Affected Portions of 2009 MUTCD: Chapter 4D
FHWA Ruling: 7/5/2011 Approved, with conditions, request to experiment with omitting steady yellow arrow change interval when changing from permissive flashing red arrow to protected steady red arrow in an adaptive sequence
Experiment Status: Active
Keywords: Traffic Control Signals

Contact Information:

Name: Ali Mozdbar
Address: Transportation Department
2006 East 4th Street
Austin, Texas 78702
Phone: 512 974 4070

Documents currently available:

1).  City of Austin's request to experiment  (PDF, HTML)
2).  FHWA's response letter conditionally approving the request to experiment  (PDF, HTML)
3).  City of Austin's revised request to experiment  (PDF, HTML)
4).   FHWA's response letter approving the revised request to experiment  (PDF, HTML)

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