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Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Termination of Interim Approval No. 11, Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons (RRFB)

Q1. How can agencies ensure the safety of pedestrians at uncontrolled midblock crosswalks?

Q2. What happens to the RRFBs that are already installed by the approved agencies?

Q3. What if an agency was preparing or has awarded a contract that includes the installation of a new RRFB, but it has not yet been installed?

Q4. How do agencies determine whether an existing device is "serviceable" or has reached the end of its service life?

Q5. Does this action apply only to projects that involve Federal funds?

Q6. Why are proprietary traffic control devices not allowed?

Q7. Why can't an exception be made to allow a particular patented device?

Q8. Could a variation of the RRFB, changing either shape and/or flash rate, be allowed?

Q9. Can an exception to the prohibition on patented devices be made for devices whose use is optional rather than required by the MUTCD?

Q10. How does the prohibition on patented devices align with supporting innovation and the use of new technologies?

Q11. Does the prohibition of proprietary devices apply to all traffic control devices?

Q12. Does FHWA prohibit all types of proprietary products?

Q13. What statutes or regulations govern patented or proprietary traffic control devices?

Q14. What if agencies continue to install RRFBs?