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Interpretation Letter 2-565(I)-Use of Pictographs on Interstate Guide Signs

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Subject: INFORMATION: Use of Pictographs on Interstate Guide Signs
Date: July 27, 2005
From: Regina S. McElroy ,/s/ Reginia McElroy, Office of Transportation Operations Reply to
Attn. of:
To: Ms. Sandra L. Otto
Division Administrator (HDA-AR)
Little Rock, Arkansas
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Thank you for your telephone call to Mr. Fred Ranck of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) team regarding the use of graphics to identify a university on an Interstate guide sign. In responding to your inquiry; reference is made to MUTCD Section 2D.38. This section of the Manual allows a symbol or letter designation to be used on a Street Name sign to identify the governmental jurisdiction, area of jurisdiction, or other government-approved institution such as governmental agencies and colleges. These types of graphics are more appropriately termed "pictographs" because it is a pictorial representation of the government entity.

This provision in Section 2D.38 is intended to apply to all guide signs. State and local highway agencies have the option of using pictographs on guide signs. If used, the height and width of the pictograph shall not. exceed the size of the route shield for the guide sign. The pictograph should be located to the left of the applicable destination message. The following definitions are provided to clarify the distinction between the terms symbols, logos, and pictographs when used in the MUTCD:

We appreciate the opportunity to provide this interpretation. We have assigned the following official ruling number and title to the request: "2-565(I)-Use of Pictographs on Interstate Guide Signs." Please refer to this number in future correspondence. If you need further assistance, please contact Mr. Ranck at 708-283-3545.