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Interpretation Letter 7-64(1)-In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Signs_Cedar Rapids_IA

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U.S. Department of Transportation
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Subject: ACTION: 7-64 (I) In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Signs
(R1-6, R1-6a) and Yield Here for Pedestrians Signs
(R1-5, R1-5a) Used at School Crossings
Date: July 23, 2004
From: Regina S. McElroy
Ernest Huckaby for ,/s/ Regina S. McElroy
Director, Office of Transportation Operations
Reply to
Attn. of:
To: Mr. Phil Barnes
Division Administrator (HDA-IA)
Ames, Iowa
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This is in response to the June 2 memorandum from Mr. James Brachtel, forwarding a letter from Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) requesting an official interpretation of the Manual on Traffic ContrcII Devices (MUTCD) regarding the use of In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Sign (R1-6) and the Yield Here To Pedestrian Signs (R1-5, R1-5a) at school crossings.

The city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, originated the request and specifically asked: (1) whether the MUTCD allows the R1-6 in-street pedestrian sign to be installed on post mounted signs along the side of the roadway and (2) whether the R1-5 or R1-5a can be installed for school crosswalks located at uncontrolled intersection approaches.

The In-Street Pedestrian crossing R1-6 sign is intended for use in the street only, not on the side of the road because the size and shape of this sign are not designed for post-mounting with other warning or regulatory signs. In response to the second question, the R1-5 and R1-5a signs are not intended for use at intersection crosswalks. These signs are intended to be used in conjunction with yield lines at uncontrolled midblock crosswalks only.

We appreciate the opportllmity to provide the clarification. We have assigned the following official ruling number and title to the request: "7-64(1)- In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Signs_Cedar Rapids_IA." Please refer to this number in future correspondence. If you need further assistance, pJlease contact Ms. Guan Xu at 202-366-5892.