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Efficacy of Rectangular-shaped Rapid Flash LED Beacons


To date only Miami Dade County have reported data on the installation of these beacons. This month rectangular stutter flash system was installed in Washington, D.C. and systems will be installed at three sites in Illinois this month. The site in Los Cruses NM has not been evaluated because of construction. We only have baseline and 7 day data for the D.C. site.

The Miami research was particularly important because it studied both staged crossing and crossing by local residents. Baseline levels were similar for both, but the treatment results obtained observing yielding to local residents crossing was somewhat better than the results obtained from staged crossings. These data suggest that the data collected in St. Petersburg might somewhat under represent the magnitude of the effects produced by the rectangular LED stutter flash system. A picture of a Miami site is shown below.

Figure 10 - One of the two installations in Miami Dade County.

FIGURE 10 Photograph of one of the two installations in Miami Dade County. The device is a median unit shown during activation.

The results obtained in Miami were very similar to the results obtained in St. Petersburg in a number of important regards. First, baseline-yielding behavior was as low at the Miami sites as it was at the St. Petersburg sites. Second, the effects of the rectangular stutter flash system were as striking in Miami as they were in St. Petersburg. Third, the night results obtained at both Miami sites were very similar to the night effect size obtained at several St. Petersburg sites. Preliminary data from Washington, D.C. communicated by their local engineer suggest that the device is producing a similar effect in D.C. at 7 days. These data suggest that the device may be expected to work in a similar manner across the U.S. However, additional data are needed to confirm this hypothesis.

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