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Incoming Interpretation Letter 3-232(I) - Markings for Red Light Violations

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Incoming E-mail

From: Dianne Patterson, Ph.D.
4950 N Via Entrada
Tucson, Arizona 85718

Sent: October 15, 2009
To: Scott Wainwright /

This is a request for an official interpretation of the following traffic control device: Tucson, Arizona has added a transverse white line at the prolongation of the curb lines in some intersections. The stated purpose of the line is to mark the point of violation for red light running. The line is accompanied by a legend "WAIT". I have attached a scan of the image provided by City of Tucson Traffic Engineering. It is no longer to scale.

What is the legal status of this "violation" line? Specifically:

  1. Does its presence conform with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices?
  2. Does its interpretation as a violation line for "red light running" (in the presence of a stop line and crosswalk at the same approach) conform with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Dianne Patterson, Ph.D.

Aerial photo of the intersection of River Road and Oracle Road, showing photo enforcement violation line adjustment, at a scale of 1 inch = 50 feet.

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