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2.0 Plaza Operations and Toll Lane Configuration

2.5.4 Recommended Guidelines

Branch Lane and Satellite Plaza Design Issues and Guideline Development
Branch lanes and satellite plazas are difficult to sign, create a confusing environment for the user to drive, and are deficient from a toll operations perspective. The location of the satellite plazas makes safe access by collection and maintenance staff very difficult. Also, physical separation of the branch lanes using barrier results in deficient approach and departure tapers, adversely affecting efficient use of the plaza lanes.

Branch Lane and Satellite Plaza Guidelines

Guideline Toll Plaza Branch and Satellite Plazas Guideline 1
Title Use of Branch and Satellite Plazas
Text New toll plaza design should not include branch lanes and satellite plazas. Existing plazas containing these lanes should develop a plan for removal of these lanes by transitioning to ETC dedicated lanes that eventually provide throughput capacity equivalent to the satellite plaza capacity.
Commentary As ETC participation grows after implementation, the overall plaza capacity increases and eliminates the need for branch and satellite plaza lanes.


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