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Table of Contents


Section 2
Plaza Operations and Toll Lane Configuration

Section 2.1 Plaza Operations and Toll Lane Configuration

Section 2.2 Dedicated Lanes

Section 2.3 Express Lanes

Section 2.4 Lane Assignments/Configuration

Section 2.5 Branch Lanes and Satellite Plazas

Section 2.6 Reversible Lanes

Section 2.7 Administration Building and Accessway Location

Section 3
Signing, Markings and Channelization

Section 3.1 Spacing and Frequency of Advance Toll Plaza Signing

Section 3.2 Canopy Toll Signing

Section 3.3 Toll Lane Signing

Section 3.4 Speed Control/Mitigation

Section 3.5 Lane-Using Signals

Section 3.6 Changeable Message Signing

Section 3.7 Pavement Marking/Channelization

Section 3.8 Deliniation

Section 3.9 Flashing Beacons/Warning Lights

Section 4
Geometric and Safety Design

Section 4.1 Approach Zones

Section 4.2 Departure Zones

Section 4.3 Express Lanes

Section 4.4 Lane and Shoulder Widths

Section 4.5 Toll Island

Section 4.6 Cross Slopes

Section 4.7 Vertical Profile Grades

Section 4.8 Lighting


Section 5
Toll Collection Equipment Technology

Section 5.1 ACM/ATIM Toll Equipment Design

Section 5.2 Island Traffic Signal Design

Section 5.3 Patron Toll Display Design

Section 5.4 Automatic Barrier Gate Design

Section 5.5 Tollbooth Design

Section 5.6 VES Design

Section 6
Summary of Recommendations

Section 6.1 Introduction

Section 6.2 Plaza Operations and Toll Lane Configuration

Section 6.3 Signing, Marking and Channelization

Section 6.4 Geometric and Safety Design

Section 6.5 Toll Collection Equipment Technology


APPENDIX A - Survey Analysis

APPENDIX B - Summary of Expert Panel Workshop

APPENDIX C - Literature Review

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