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3.0 Signing, Markings and Channelization

3.8.4 Recommended Guidelines

Delineation Design Issues and Guideline Development

Significant shortcomings with delineators are a relatively high maintenance cost and potential damage and loss of function from snow removal operations. Pop-up delineators require more extensive maintenance service to ensure the delineator’s retraction and release mechanism is fully operational at all times. Delineators do not provide the physical separation needed to prevent an errant vehicle from crossing into an adjacent lane. The advantage of delineators is the low cost to remove and replace these devices to accommodate reconfiguration of the plaza. Also, for drivers that lose control of their vehicles but avoid colliding with another vehicle or a rigid structure, can avoid injury and incurring significant property damage by striking delineators before regaining control. Design considerations for these devices are presented in section 4.5.

Delineation Guidelines

Guideline Delineation Guideline 1
Title Plaza Delineation
Text Flexible delineators for lane separation should not be installed within a conventional plaza unless a quantitative and qualitative benefit-cost analysis supports the use of these devices.
Commentary High maintenance cost and a lack of true physical separation are expected to eventually lead to more durable and reliable alternatives for separating vehicles. For reversible lanes, the expected high maintenance costs of pop-up delineators may be less than the equipment, labor and materials costs and the possible delay cost imposed when relocating the barrier that are associated with moveable barrier, the primary physical separation alternative.


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