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6.0 Summary of Recommendations

6.3.4 Speed Control/Mitigation

Guideline Speed Control/Mitigation Guideline 1
Title Approach Speed Reduction
Text Speed bumps, turtles or other raised in-pavement materials should not be used to reduce vehicle speed before entering a conventional plaza toll lane.
Commentary This recommendation is not intended to preclude or discourage the use of rumble strips (slotted or raised thermoplastic) used to warn drivers veering out of a travel lane.


Guideline Speed Control/Mitigation Guideline 2
Title Departure Speed Control
Text Signs should be placed to require trucks using cash lanes located to the right of the conventional plaza to use the right lane/ stay to the right when departing the plaza.
Commentary This strategy may not be feasible when the length of the approach zone and queue zone is inadequate for trucks to safely merge to the right. Furthermore, manual lanes may not be located to the far right of the plaza, which primarily applies to ramp toll plazas being fed traffic from two directions


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