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6.0 Summary of Recommendations

6.3.3 Toll Lane Signing

Guideline Toll Lane Signing Guideline 1
Title Stop Signs
Text Stop signs should be deployed in cash toll lanes to require all users to stop to either pay a toll or take a ticket. A standard stop sign above a plaque containing supplemental information (e.g., pay toll, take ticket) or a modified stop sign stating “Stop Pay Toll” should be installed in the manual and ACM lanes and “Stop Take Ticket” should be installed in the ATIM lanes.
Commentary A compliant ETC user in a multi-payment type lane is not expected to be inconvenienced by stopping in the cash lanes, even though the island traffic signal may display a green state when observed by the user.


Guideline Toll Lane Signing Guideline 2
Title Speed Limit Signs
Text Speed limit signs should be installed at the approach end to the toll island for all ETC dedicated lanes.
Commentary Although deployment of speed limit signs in conjunction with stop signs should be avoided, where speed display signs are deployed in particular cash lanes because of excessive toll lane entry speeds, a speed limit sign should be installed in conjunction with the speed display sign.


Guideline Toll Lane Signing Guideline 3
Title Miscellaneous Signs
Text Deployment of miscellaneous signs should be based on an assessment of the particular problem the sign is intended to address or the value of the benefit derived by the user from the information the sign provides.
Commentary None


Guideline Toll Lane Signing Guideline 4
Title Sign Horizontal Clearance
Text A horizontal clearance of 12 inches should be used from the face of the toll island or raised barrier to the nearest edge of the sign or display.
Commentary None


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