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6.0 Summary of Recommendations

6.3.2 Canopy Signing

Guideline Canopy Signing Design Guideline 1
Title Canopy Signs
Text Plazas offering lanes with multiple payment types and services should include canopy signing centered above each lane to indicate the payment type and service supported. Lanes supporting the same payment type(s) should be grouped together and use the same background color for the fixed, static sign panel. Lane use signals should be installed above each conventional plaza lane to display the operating status (i.e., open or closed) of each toll lane that is visible from the start of the queue zone, as a minimum.
Commentary Information to be provided on canopy signing may include payment types accepted (i.e., ETC, exact change/tokens, or change & receipts), and vehicle restrictions (e.g., cars only, trucks only, cars and trucks). A CMS is required to provide the flexibility of changing the payment type(s) supported by the lane and the lane status, thereby eliminating the need for a separate lane use signal.


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