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5.0 Toll Collection Equipment Technology

5.1 ACM/ATIM Toll Equipment Design

The automatic coin machine (ACM) is used in barrier plaza toll lanes where users must pay the indicated toll by dropping coins or tokens into the basket or hopper attached to the front of the ACM cabinet before exiting the lane. The ACM then automatically separates and detects the denomination of the coins, and either displays the value of the deposited coins or tokens and/or displays a fare paid message when the correct amount has been deposited. The automatic ticket issuing machine (ATIM) is used exclusively in a closed ticket system to issue a ticket to the user at the entry points to the facility. The ticket commonly shows time, date, facility entry location and tolls assessed at the various exits ahead. At the exit plaza, the ticket is returned to the attendant for use in determining the toll due, which is based on vehicle classification and distance traveled. If the ticket is lost or damaged beyond recognition, subject to agency policy, the user is charged a toll based on entry at a plaza located furthest from the exit location.


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