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6.0 Summary of Recommendations

6.2.1 Plaza Locations

Guideline Plaza Locations Guideline 1
Title Plaza and Interchange Intervals
Text The 2001 AASHTO Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (the “Green Book”) recommends separation of 1 mile (urban sections) or 2 miles (rural sections) between interchanges. It is recommended this be used as a guideline for selection of new mainline toll plaza sites: no closer than 1 mile to the nearest interchange in urban sections, or 2 miles in other sections.
Commentary It may not be possible to meet this design guideline at bridge and tunnel crossings, but the interval spacing minimums should remain a goal.


Guideline Plaza Locations Guideline 2
Title Site Selection and Sight Distance
Text New toll plazas should be sited such that motorists will be able to see the plaza, while driving at posted speeds with adequate stopping distance before the queuing zone. Ideally the plaza site will be on a tangent pavement section.
Commentary None


Guideline Plaza Locations Guideline 3
Title Ramp Plaza Movements
Text New toll plazas should not have merging or exiting movements within the plaza approach and departure zones. New plaza construction should not be located within trumpet interchange areas if at all possible.
Commentary Some older toll plaza locations have merging and exiting movements within their plaza approach and departure zones. Other appropriate treatment options could be applied to improve their operations.


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