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3.0 Signing, Markings and Channelization

3.5.4 Recommended Guidelines

Lane-use Signal Design Issues

Lane-use Signal Guideline Development

Guideline Lane-use Control Signals Design Guideline 1
Title Signal Design
Text Recommend use of MUTCD standard green arrow and red “X” design for lane-use signals in lieu of traditional signal heads.

Use of traditional signal head may cause confusion, as the green and red signal head indications generally mean “go” and “stop”, not “open” and “closed”.


Guideline Lane-use Control Signals Design Guideline 2
Title Lane-UseSignal Specifications
Text Lane-use signal faces shall provide a minimum nominal height of 450mm (18 in.) or 12” diameter, be visible from a minimum distance of 600’, provide readily accessible power and communication interconnections, be comprised of long life, high intensity LEDs, and be installed with a minimum vertical clearance of 17’.

These requirements are considered general and are not intended for procurement purposes.


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