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1.0 Introduction

1.3 Study Objectives

For the purposes of this report, the following description of traffic control devices will be used based on the MUTCD:

"Traffic control devices shall be defined as all signs, signals, markings, and other devices used to regulate, warn, or guide traffic; placed on, over, or adjacent to the highway, bridge or tunnel by the authority having jurisdiction.”

Below are the Project study objectives:

The purpose of traffic control devices, as well as the principles for their use, is to promote highway safety and efficiency by providing for the orderly movement of all road users at points of conflict and where control and information are needed to achieve these purposes. Traffic control devices inform road users of regulations and provide warning and guidance needed for the safe, uniform, and efficient operation of all vehicles comprising the traffic stream. Uniformity and consistency of the meaning, location, and operation of traffic control devices is vital to their effectiveness. Uniformity of devices helps road users because control devices are vital to their effectiveness. Uniformity of devices helps road user because it aids in recognition and understanding, thereby reducing perception/reaction time. Uniformity assists road users, law enforcement officers, and traffic courts by removing ambiguities and misunderstandings of the proper interpretation. Uniformity assists tollway and public highway officials through efficiency in procurement, installation, maintenance, and administration. To achieve uniformity and consistency in the application and location of traffic control devices for toll plazas, a consensus amongst toll agencies must be built.

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