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3.0 Signing, Markings and Channelization

3.2 Canopy Toll Signing

Toll plaza canopy signing is primarily used to indicate which payment type(s) are accepted in the lanes. In addition, the front fascia panel or underside of the canopy is often used to mount a lane use signal consisting of a red “X” or a green downward pointing arrow to indicate the operational status of the lane (i.e., open or closed). Subsection 3.5 provides more detailed information on lane use signals. For agencies using a fixed, static sign panel above automatic lanes, the canopy signing may include the toll rate for two axle vehicles in addition to payment methods accepted. Both fixed panel static signs and changeable message signs (CMS) are used to display the payment methods supported by the toll lane. The capability of changing the payment methods available (e.g., “Exact Change – ETC”, “Exact Change Only”) in a particular lane requires the deployment of a CMS.

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