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2.0 Plaza Operations and Toll Lane Configuration

2.4.2 Survey Results

Lane Assignment of Attended (“Manual”) Lanes
Most responding agencies group their attended lanes together. All allow oversized permit vehicles to use the facility, typically in the far right lane where the toll lane or passageway is wider.

Lane Assignment of Unattended Lanes (Automatic Coin Machines (ACM) / Automatic Ticket-Issuing Machines (ATIM))
Most responding agencies group unattended lanes to the left of attended lanes, although a responding bridge toll agency locates their ACM lanes to the right of the attended lanes. This may reflect an intent to place the higher demand lanes in the center of the plaza, consistent with a bell shaped distribution often observed for multiple queues with equal service rates.

Lane Assignment of ETC Dedicated Lanes
As noted in the ETC dedicated lanes discussion, most operators report they group their dedicated lanes to the left of the attended lanes. Also previously noted, these lanes may be located in the center of the plaza when the approach zone and or departure zone receive and or feed, respectively, multiple directions of travel.

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