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5.0 Toll Collection Equipment Technology

5.2.1 State-of-the-Practice

The ITS is invariably mounted to a pedestal located downstream of the toll collection point and installed with the intent of being equally visible to passenger car and truck users. The signal head has evolved from an incandescent lamp installed behind an 8 inch or 12 inch colored lens to an 8 inch or 12 inch LED signal head. The lens has commonly been stenciled with the words “Thank you” and “Stop” corresponding to the green and red signal heads, respectively. When used to display ETC account information, “Low Balance” or “Call CSC” has been stenciled to the lens of the yellow signal head. The stenciling requires additional maintenance man hours to install, while the perceived benefit to the user is questionable. Some agencies deploy signals with square heads or other unique shapes that are equally effective in controlling flow through the lane and conveying information to the user, but at a higher replacement cost, longer lead time for procuring spares and non-compliance with the MUTCD.


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