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5.0 Toll Collection Equipment Technology

5.5.1 State-of-the-Practice

New facilities are commonly using prefabricated tollbooths constructed of stainless steel sheets and tubular structural steel framing that are shipped to the toll plaza for installation. The equipment installed inside the tollbooth may include a toll terminal for entering vehicle class, fare paid or an unusual condition, a receipt printer, a badge reader for accessing the system, a ticket validator and stacker for validating and storing tickets and various security devices. The tollbooth typically includes a dutch door or sliding window to keep the attendant within the booth while providing a large opening for reaching up and down to exchange money. Some tollbooth designs provide the equivalent of a small “porch” consisting of short walls extending from the side of the booth and intended to make vehicle contact with the booth much less likely. This assumes the height of the “porch” walls is below extended mirrors and other overhanging apparatus. Although the tollbooth cannot be strictly construed as traffic control equipment, the time to complete a transaction provides a metering affect on plaza traffic throughput. The tollbooth design needs to address both the safety of the collector and the user as they interact along the toll lane.


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