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1.0 Introduction

This report has been prepared under a project initiative by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to identify the ‘state-of-the-practice’ for traffic control strategies at toll plazas, and to develop recommended guidelines for agencies and departments that operate or plan to design and build such facilities.

The report contents begin with this introductory chapter. This chapter includes sections that outlines the purpose of this Project, provides a problem statement, articulating the focus of the project efforts, lists the study objectives, describes the methodology used to achieve the objectives, and concludes with the intended use of this report.

The introduction is followed by four chapters that include the state-of-the-practice and recommended guidelines for the following technical areas encompassing the development of traffic control strategies at toll plazas: ‘Plaza Operations/Lane Configuration’, ‘Signing, Markings and Channelization’, ‘Geometric and Safety Design’, and ‘Toll Collection Equipment Technology’. The aggregation of these chapters provides useful historical information and a comprehensive analysis of when and where to apply various traffic control strategies.

The final chapter concludes this Report by identifying further research needs, which require more rigorous study including field verification of performance. This chapter also lists all of the recommended guidelines presented in the preceding chapters. A glossary of terms, definitions and diagrams to assist the reader’s understanding of the topic material follows along with Appendix A Summary of Survey Results, Appendix B Expert Panel Workshop Summary, and Appendix C Literature Search.

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