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Road Safety Performance Associated with Improved Traffic Signal Design and Increased Signal Conspicuity

4.0 Installation Costs

The cost of applying this treatment at new installations or as a retro-fit is minimal when combined with regular signal construction or maintenance activities. The installation requires four strips of tape per backboard and several minutes of staff time. The installation of the tape is more convenient when done in a shop environment however MoT has successfully retrofitted existing backboards already mounted at intersections. When undertaking a retrofit application it is critical to clean the outer edge of the backboard where the tape will be placed with a solvent to remove any foreign material which would inhibit adhesion of the tape. As well, since the retrofit would be done in the air from a bucket truck, the strips of tape should be pre-cut to the appropriate length. If this procedure was coordinated with annual traffic signal re-lamping, then the additional cost is minimal especially since traffic control would already be in place.

The cost to retrofit a backboard with reflective tape is $35 (MoT costs). For a large MoT intersection with backboards for two through movements and one protected left turn per approach, there are a total of 12 backboards. The cost of retrofitting that intersection is approximately $420. As backboard use in various agencies is dependent on local policy it is not possible to estimate the cross Canada cost however the B.C. costs should be representative since most of the cost is the tape itself.

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