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Amendment Process Flowchart Long Description

Process for Amendment of MUTCD

Jurisdiction or Interested Party Recommends that Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Revise MUTCD

Step 1

Successful Experimentation

Successful Research, Analytical Study, Laboratory Study, or Non-U.S. Experimentation

  1. FHWA Review
    1. Approved (No or Yes
      1. No
        1. Jurisdiction Restores Experiment Sites to Original Condition
      2. Yes

Step 2

9 Months - 1 Year

  1. FHWA Prepares Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA)
  2. FHWA Publishes NPA in Federal Register

Step 3

3 - 6 Months

  1. Docket Comment Period

Step 4

9 Months - 1Year

  1. FHWA Reviews Comments
  2. FHWA Prepares Final Rule
  3. FHWA Publishes Final Rule

Step 5

2 Years

  1. States Adopt New Edition of MUTCD

NOTE: NPA for MUTCD changes occurs approximately every 5 years and results in Final Rule for a new edition of the MUTCD.

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