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Technical Assistance


Contact addresses are provided at the bottom of the page.

Contact Kevin Sylvester, Team Leader, for information on:

  • MUTCD Part 1 - General Information
  • Standard Highway Signs Book
  • Traffic Control Devices Pooled-Fund Study
  • Status of MUTCD Rulemaking Activities
  • AASHTO Committee on Traffic Engineering (CTE) Support
  • MUTCD Outreach
  • MUTCD Peer-to-Peer Program

Contact Marty Calawa for information on:

  • MUTCD Part 2 - Guide and Motorist Information Signs
  • Changeable Message Signs
  • Standard Highway Colors
  • Traffic Control for Toll and Managed Facilities

Contact Eric Ferron for information on:

  • MUTCD Part 6 - Temporary Traffic Control

Contact Dave Kirschner for information on:

  • MUTCD Part 3 - Markings
  • MUTCD Part 9 - Traffic Control for Bicycle Facilities
  • MUTCD Official Rulings

Contact Duane Thomas for information on:

  • MUTCD Part 4 - Traffic Signals
  • MUTCD Part 8 - Traffic Control for Railroad and Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings

Contact Matt Zeller for information on:

  • MUTCD Part 2 - Regulatory and Warning Signs
  • MUTCD Part 5 - Low-Volume Roads
  • MUTCD Part 7 - Traffic Control for School Areas

Contact Mailing Addresses

The FHWA prefers that e-mail be used as the primary means of written communication to the MUTCD Team. However, in the event that e-mail is not possible, the following mailing address should be used for postal mail or delivery services:

The mailing address for Kevin Sylvester, Marty Calawa, Dave Kirschner, and Matt Zeller is:

Office of Transportation Operations (HOTO)
Federal Highway Administration, Mail Stop: E84-402
1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.
Washington, DC 20590

The mailing address for Eric Ferron and Duane Thomas is:

FHWA Resource Center
31 Hopkins Plaza, Suite 840
Baltimore, MD 21201