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Standard Highway Signs (SHS) Publication

Update on the 11th Edition MUTCD sign layouts

The new edition of the Standard Highway Signs (SHS) publication will contain the design details for all signs and pavement markings in the 11th Edition of the MUTCD, expanded sign design guidelines, and details for symbolic traffic and lane-control signal indications. It is taking some additional time to prepare the full publication. The new full edition once completed will include all signs, ultimately superseding those which were included in previous editions of SHS.

A number of new signs were adopted in the 11th Edition and in order to provide information on those new sign designs as early as possible, several phased releases of individual pages of the forthcoming publication, and supporting vector graphics, will be posted at the link below.

While the Federal Highway Administration completes the publication of the design details for the signs added in the 11th Edition of the MUTCD, the phased releases of new sign designs should be used along with the previous designs contained in the 2004 Edition of SHS and the 2012 Supplement, until such time that the full publication is released. Once the 2024 Edition of SHS is released, the 2004 Edition of SHS and the 2012 Supplement will become obsolete.

2004 Edition, English Version, and 2012 Supplement

These links represent the 2004 SHS and the 2012 Supplement to the 2004 SHS. The 2012 Supplement contains the new and revised sign designs adopted in the 2009 Edition of the MUTCD. Where a sign design is included in the 2012 Supplement, its previous design in the 2004 SHS is superseded. Ultimately the 2004 SHS and 2012 Supplement to the 2004 SHS will be superseded by the 2024 SHS.