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MUTCD Color Specifications

Color Specifications (23 CFR 655)

The color specifications are used to determine the color of sign sheeting and pavement marking materials for design purposes. Most of the color specifications were last revised by the final rule; amendment dated November 21, 2002. However, some color specifications were revised and specifications for some new colors were added by the final rule dated December 16, 2009. Select the links below to view both of the FINAL RULES for color specifications:

  • Docket Number FHWA-2007-28977, RIN 2125-AF22, December 16, 2009* - PDF (716KB) | Text (HTML)
  • Docket Number FHWA-99-6190, RIN 2125-AE67, July 31, 2002 - PDF (72KB) | Text (HTML)

* There is a typographical error in the revised color specification for Fluorescent Pink sign sheeting in Table 3 of the 23 CFR 655, Appendix to Subpart F, as contained in the December 16, 2009 Final Rule (page 66862 of the Federal Register Notice.) For point 5 of the color box for Fluorescent Pink in Table 3, the y coordinate should be 0.290 (not 0.221).

Pantone Matching Colors

The following are Pantone specifications for printing purposes only. They provide a guide for selecting appropriate ink colors to closely match the standard colors of traffic control signs. The Pantone specifications are not for use in sign fabrication. NOTE: There are no Pantones available for fluorescent alternatives of standard colors.

Pantone Specifications for Printing

Blue - 294 Brown - 469 Green - 342 Orange - 152 Pink - 198
Purple - 259 Red - 187 Yellow - 116 Yellow-Green - 382 Empty Cell

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