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Figure 10C-8. Typical Light Rail Transit Vehicle Dynamic Envelope Pavement Markings

This figure illustrates typical light rail transit vehicle dynamic envelope pavement markings.

The figure shows a horizontal two-lane roadway. Black arrows on the roadway show the direction of travel as one lane in each direction. The opposing lanes are shown separated by a double yellow line.

A note states: "In an effort to simplify the figure to show the dynamic envelope markings, not all pavement markings or other required traffic control devices are shown."

In the center of the figure, a symbol of a vertical light rail transit track is shown across the roadway. The light rail transit dynamic envelope is indicated as an area extending on both sides of the track for an undimensioned distance. Vertical white lines that are parallel to the track are shown marked on the pavement and extending across the roadway at the edges of the dynamic envelope. The white pavement markings are shown as a dimension of 100 mm (4 in) wide. The distance from the inside edge of the white pavement markings to the outside edge of the rail is noted as: "The distance between rail and dynamic envelope pavement marking should be equal to 1.8 m (6 ft) unless otherwise advised by the operating light rail transit authority."

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