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Figure 2E-3. Diagrammatic Sign for a Single-Lane Left Exit

This figure shows a diagrammatic sign for a single-lane left exit.

The sign is shown as a horizontal rectangular green sign with a white border and legend. It shows a plan view of one direction of a highway with an exit to the left. The plan view consists of a vertical upward-pointing arrow on the shaft of which is shown, in the middle of the shaft, a dashed green vertical line. A smaller shafted curving arrow is shown diverging from the vertical arrow shaft and pointing upward and to the left. To the left of this plan view, the word "WEST" is shown to the left of the black numerals "22" on a white U.S. route shield on the top line, the word "Trenton" on the middle line, and the words "1 MILE" on the bottom line. To the right of the arrowhead of the upward-pointing arrow in the plan view, the word "NORTH" is shown above a red and blue Interstate Route shield on which the white numerals "495" are shown. A smaller horizontal rectangular green plaque with a white border and legend is shown above the top left side of the sign and shows the words "LEFT" on the top line and the words "EXIT" and "13" on the bottom line. An asterisk is shown to the right of this plaque. The notation for the asterisk indicates "The upper half of a Left Exit plaque, which contains the word LEFT, may have a black legend and border on a yellow background."

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