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Experimentation Flowchart Long Description

Requesting Jurisdiction
Submit Request to Headquarters
(cc to Division)

Step 1

Optional: 4 – 6 WEEKS OR LONGER

  1. Requesting Jurisdiction
    Submit Request to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Division
  2. FHWA Division Review
  3. FHWA Division Forwards Request to FHWA Headquarters

Step 2

4 – 6 Weeks

  1. FHWA Headquarters Review
  2. Approved (No or Yes)
    1. No
      1. Requesting Jurisdiction Responds to Questions Raised by FHWA
      2. Goes back FHWA Headquarters Review
    2. Yes

Step 3

Minimum One Year

  1. Requesting Jurisdiction Installs Experimental Traffic Control Device
  2. Evaluate Experimental Traffic Control Device
    1. Requesting Jurisdiction Provides Semi-annual Reports to FHWA Division & Headquarters
  3. Requesting Jurisdiction Provides FHWA a Copy of Final Report

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