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Chapter 3F. Barricades and Channelizing Devices

Section 3F.01 Barricades

When used to warn and alert road users of the terminus of a roadway in other than temporary traffic control zones, barricades shall meet the design criteria of Section 6F.63 for a Type III barricade, except that the colors of the stripes shall be retroreflective white and retroreflective red.

An end-of-roadway marker or markers may be used as described in Section 3C.04. Barricades may be used to mark any of the following conditions:

  1. A roadway ends;
  2. A ramp or lane closed for operational purposes; or
  3. The permanent or semipermanent closure or termination of a roadway.

Appropriate advance warning signs (see Chapter 2C) should be used.

Section 3F.02 Channelizing Devices

Option: Channelizing devices, such as traffic cones and tubular markers, may be used for general traffic control purposes such as adding emphasis to reversible lane delineation, channelizing lines, or islands.

Channelizing devices shall conform to Section 6F.58 and shall be a minimum of 450 mm (18 in) in height.

The minimum height of cones shall be 700 mm (28 in) for use on freeways and other high-speed roadways, and on all facilities when used during hours of darkness or whenever more conspicuous guidance is needed.

The color of channelizing devices used outside of temporary traffic control zones shall be either orange or the same color as the pavement marking that they supplement, or for which they are substituted.

For nighttime use, channelizing devices shall be retroreflective.

Retroreflection of tubular markers shall be a minimum of two 75 mm (3 in) white bands placed a maximum of 50 mm (2 in) from the top with a maximum of 150 mm (6 in) between the bands.

Retroreflection of cones shall be provided by a minimum 150 mm (6 in) white band placed a minimum of 75 mm (3 in) but no more than 100 mm (4 in) from the top.

Retroreflective material shall have a smooth, sealed outer surface that will display a similar color during both day and night.

When 700 mm (28 in) or larger size cones are used, the standard 150 mm (6 in) band shall be supplemented with an additional 100 mm (4 in) white band spaced a minimum of 50 mm (2 in) below the 150 mm (6 in) band.

Channelizing devices should be kept clean and bright to maximize target value.

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