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Figure 10C-10. Example of Light Rail Transit Vehicle Dynamic Envelope Contrasting Color and/or Texture

This figure illustrates an example of textured pavement for light rail transit tracks. A legend shows a black arrow indicating the direction of travel on the roadway lanes.

The figure shows a vertical two-lane roadway curving to the right. Two white symbols of automobiles are shown on the roadway. Two light rail transit tracks are shown between the two lanes. A black symbol of a light rail transit vehicle is shown on the track at the curve. A solid black line is shown along both sides of the track. The area under the track and extending beyond both sides of the track to the black lines is shown as gray. An arrow points to the area under the track with a note that states: "Differential or contrasting color and/or texture." Two arrows point to the area between the tracks and the black lines with a note that states: "Additional clearance for light rail vehicle ends and middle ordinate overhang around curves."

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