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Figure 10D-3. Example of Pedestrian Gate Placement Behind the Sidewalk

This figure illustrates an example of pedestrian gate placement behind the sidewalk.

The figure shows a post-mounted flashing-light signal with two red lights shown mounted in a horizontal line and a red and white diagonally striped automatic gate assembly. A rounded-top audible device is shown mounted on top of the post. A white crossbuck sign with the words "RAILROAD CROSSING" in black is shown mounted on the post below the audible device and above the post-mounted lights.

The automatic gate is shown in the horizontal position to the left of the post, extending across the sidewalk, curb, and roadway. The gate arm is shown with 45-degree diagonal alternating red and white stripes and three red lights along the top edge.

The base of the post assembly is shown as a dimension of 100 mm (4 in) MAX. thick. The distance from the center of the post to the beginning of the roadway beyond the curb is shown as a dimension of 2.1 m (7 ft) MIN.

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