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Figure 6H-1. Work Beyond the Shoulder (TA-1)

This figure illustrates an example of work beyond the shoulder. A legend under the figure states that this is Typical Application 1. A note states "Note: See Tables 6H-2 and 6H-3 for the meaning of the symbols and/or letter codes used in this figure."

This figure shows a vertical two-lane roadway with one lane of traffic in each direction. A downward-pointing black arrow in the left lane and an upward-pointing arrow in the right lane denote the direction of traffic. The opposing lanes are shown separated by a broken yellow line. A shoulder is shown on each side of the roadway. A solid white line is shown separating the shoulder and the travel lane in each direction.

A third of the way from the bottom of the figure and to the right of the right shoulder, a black inverted "T" is shown denoting a sign. The sign shown is a diamond-shaped orange sign with a black border and the words "ROAD WORK AHEAD" in black. It is shown at a dimensioned distance "A" in advance of a vertical rectangle with diagonal black and white stripes, denoting a work space. The traffic control for this figure applies only to the upward direction of travel.

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