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2009 Edition Part 3 Figure 3C-1. Example of Markings for Approach and Circulatory Roadways at a Roundabout

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Figure 3C-1. Example of Markings for Approach and Circulatory Roadways at a Roundabout

This figure illustrates markings for approach and circulatory roadways at a roundabout.

The figure shows a green central island surrounded by a circular roadway. A narrow band shown as composed of a contrasting pavement texture separates the island from the circular roadway. A solid yellow line is shown between the contrasting pavement and the roadway and is marked "optional."

Roadways are shown entering the roundabout from the west, south, and east. A narrow landscape buffer borders the outsides of the roadways. A triangular splitter island separates the two lanes of each road where it intersects the circular roadway. Around the outer edge of the circular roadway, a solid white line is shown across the base of each splitter island, a dotted white line is shown intersecting each of the entering lanes, and no line is shown intersecting the exiting lanes. The dotted white line is labeled "Wide dotted white extension of circulatory roadway edge line."

On each of the roadways entering the roundabout, the two lanes are separated by a solid double yellow line and a solid white line is shown along the outside edge of each roadway. Both the solid yellow line and the solid white line are labeled "optional."

As each roadway approaches the splitter island, the two solid yellow lines diverge to go alongside the two sides of the splitter island. A crosswalk composed of a row of closely spaced white lines parallel to the flow of traffic is shown crossing both lanes and the narrow part of each splitter island. The distance from the solid white line at the end of each splitter island to the closest edge of each crosswalk is shown as a dimension of 20 ft MIN.

On each roadway entering the roundabout and between the crosswalk and the dotted white line across the entrance to the roundabout, the word "YIELD" is shown in white marked on the pavement in advance of a yield line of white triangles. Both are labeled "optional."

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