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2009 Edition Chapter 5B. Regulatory Signs

Section 5B.01 Introduction

01 The purpose of a regulatory sign is to inform highway users of traffic laws or regulations, and to indicate the applicability of legal requirements that would not otherwise be apparent.

02 The provisions for regulatory signs are contained in Chapter 2B and in other Sections of this Manual. Provisions for regulatory signs that are specific to low-volume roads are contained in this Chapter.

Section 5B.02 STOP and YIELD Signs (R1-1 and R1-2)

01 STOP (R1-1) and YIELD (R1-2) signs (see Figure 5B-1) should be considered for use on low-volume roads where engineering judgment or study, consistent with the provisions of Sections 2B.04 to 2B.10, indicates that either of the following conditions applies:

Figure 5B-1 Regulatory Signs on Low-Volume Roads

Thumbnail image of Figure 5B-1

  1. An intersection of a less-important road with a main road where application of the normal right-of-way rule might not be readily apparent.
  2. An intersection that has restricted sight distance for the prevailing vehicle speeds.

Section 5B.03 Speed Limit Signs (R2 Series)

01 If used, Speed Limit (R2 series) signs (see Figure 5B-1) shall display the speed limit established by law, ordinance, regulation, or as adopted by the authorized agency following an engineering study. The displayed speed limits shall be in multiples of 5 mph.

02 Speed limits shall be established in accordance with Section 2B.13.

03 Speed limit signs may be used on low-volume roads that carry traffic from, onto, or adjacent to higher-volume roads that have posted speed limits.

Section 5B.04 Traffic Movement and Prohibition Signs (R3, R4, R5, R6, R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, and R14 Series)

01 The regulatory signs (see Figure 5B-1) in these series inform road users of required, permitted, or prohibited traffic movements involving turn, alignment, exclusion, and pedestrians.

02 If used, signs for traffic prohibitions or restrictions shall be placed in advance of the prohibition or restriction so that traffic can use an alternate route or turn around.

03 Signs should be used on low-volume roads to indicate traffic prohibitions and restrictions such as road closures and weight restrictions.

04 Signs for traffic prohibitions or restrictions may be used on a low-volume road near and at the intersections or the connections with a higher class of road, and where the regulatory message is essential for transition from the low-volume road to the higher-class facility or vice versa.

Section 5B.05 Parking Signs (R8 Series)

01 Parking signs (see Figure 5B-2) may be installed selectively on low-volume roads with due consideration of enforcement.

Figure 5B-2 Parking Signs and Plaques on Low-Volume Roads

Thumbnail image of Figure 5B-2

Section 5B.06 Other Regulatory Signs

01 Other regulatory signs used on low-volume roads that are not discussed in Part 5 shall comply with the provisions contained in other Parts of this Manual.

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