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2009 Edition Chapter 7C. Markings

Section 7C.01 Functions and Limitations

01 Markings have definite and important functions in a proper scheme of school area traffic control. In some cases, they are used to supplement the regulations or warnings provided by other devices, such as traffic signs or signals. In other instances, they are used alone and produce results that cannot be obtained by the use of any other device. In such cases they serve as an effective means of conveying certain regulations, guidance, and warnings that could not otherwise be made clearly understandable.

02 Pavement markings have some potential limitations. They might be obscured by snow, might not be clearly visible when wet, and might not be durable when subjected to heavy traffic. In spite of these potential limitations, they have the advantage, under favorable conditions, of conveying warnings or information to the road user without diverting attention from the road.

Section 7C.02 Crosswalk Markings

01 Crosswalks should be marked at all intersections on established routes to a school where there is substantial conflict between motorists, bicyclists, and student movements; where students are encouraged to cross between intersections; where students would not otherwise recognize the proper place to cross; or where motorists or bicyclists might not expect students to cross (see Figure 7A-1).

02 Crosswalk lines should not be used indiscriminately. An engineering study considering the factors described in Section 3B.18 should be performed before a marked crosswalk is installed at a location away from a traffic control signal or an approach controlled by a STOP or YIELD sign.

03 Because non-intersection school crossings are generally unexpected by the road user, warning signs (see Sections 7B.11 and 7B.12) should be installed for all marked school crosswalks at non-intersection locations. Adequate visibility of students by approaching motorists and of approaching motorists by students should be provided by parking prohibitions or other appropriate measures.

04 Section 3B.18 contains provisions regarding the placement and design of crosswalks, and Section 3B.16 contains provisions regarding the placement and design of the stop lines and yield lines that are associated with them. Provisions regarding the curb markings that can be used to establish parking regulations on the approaches to crosswalks are contained in Section 3B.23.

Section 7C.03 Pavement Word, Symbol, and Arrow Markings

01 If used, the SCHOOL word marking may extend to the width of two approach lanes (see Figure 7C-1).

Figure 7C-1 Two-Lane Pavement Marking of "SCHOOL"

Thumbnail image of Figure 7C-1

02 If the two-lane SCHOOL word marking is used, the letters should be 10 feet or more in height.

03 Section 3B.20 contains provisions regarding other word, symbol, and arrow pavement markings that can be used to guide, warn, or regulate traffic.

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