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Proposed Revisions to Sections 1A.09 and 1A.13 of the 2009 MUTCD

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Section 1A.09 Engineering Study and Engineering Judgment

01 Definitions of an engineering study and engineering judgment are contained in Section 1A.13.

02 This Manual describes the application of traffic control devices, but shall not be a legal requirement for their installation.

03The decision to use a particular device at a particular location should be made on the basis of either an engineering study or the application of engineering judgment.

04When an engineering study or the application of engineering judgment determines that unusual site-specific conditions at a particular location make compliance with a Standard statement in this Manual impossible or impractical, an agency may deviate from that Standard statement at that location.

0305 Early in the processes of location and design of roads and streets, engineers should coordinate such location and design with the design and placement of the traffic control devices to be used with such roads and streets.

0406 Jurisdictions, or owners of private roads open to public travel, with responsibility for traffic control that do not have engineers on their staffs who are trained and/or experienced in traffic control devices should seek engineering assistance from others, such as the State transportation agency, their county, a nearby large city, or a traffic engineering consultant.

0507 As part of the Federal-aid Program, each State is required to have a Local Technology Assistance Program (LTAP) and to provide technical assistance to local highway agencies. Requisite technical training in the application of the principles of the MUTCD is available from the State's Local Technology Assistance Program for needed engineering guidance and assistance.

Section 1A.13 Definitions of Headings, Words, and Phrases in this Manual

01 When used in this Manual, the text headings of Standard, Guidance, Option, and Support shall be defined as follows:

  1. Standard—a statement of required, mandatory, or specifically prohibitive practice regarding a traffic control device. All Standard statements are labeled, and the text appears in bold type. The verb "shall" is typically used. The verbs "should" and "may" are not used in Standard statements. Standard statements are sometimes modified by Options. Standard statements shall not be modified or compromised based on engineering judgment or engineering study.

No other revisions are proposed for Section 1A.13