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FHWA Contacts

If you have questions about any of the standards, guidance, or options in the MUTCD, you can contact the following resources for answers.

The MUTCD Team of the FHWA Office of Transportation Operations manages the updating and publishing of the MUTCD and coordinates the rulemaking process through Federal Register notices.

MUTCD Team Members responsible for coordinating the revision of specific MUTCD Parts.

The FHWA Resource Center provides technical support and program assistance along with training, and technology delivery to the Division Offices, State Departments of Transportation, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and other transportation partners.

FHWA Resource Center

The FHWA maintains a Division Office in each State and in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The FHWA staff in these 52 Division Offices are more familiar with individual State issues, and they work closely with State and local highway agencies to resolve local issues of traffic control device selection, installation, and maintenance.

List of FHWA Division Office Contacts

The State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and the local highway agencies, however, are the agencies that own and operate most highways and roads throughout the country. Thus, it is the State DOTs and the local agencies that select, install, and maintain traffic control devices in accordance with the FHWA MUTCD provisions.

List of State DOTs

There are other programs related to the MUTCD that are managed by FHWA personnel other than the MUTCD team members.

List of Related Programs