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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

One of the powerful roles that the Internet can play is to enable members of an electronic community to share information, resolve technical issues, and publish results. The MUTCD Web site is structured to promote 2-way communication. There is the Peer-to-Peer Program on Traffic Control Devices and an online discussion group. Also, the FHWA's MUTCD Team can be contacted for assistance on MUTCD issues.

The Peer-to-Peer Program on Traffic Control devices is a service that connects traffic professionals with Peers in the field, to solve unique situations related to traffic control devices. This program is designed to help State, local, and community organizations more easily apply the MUTCD to their traffic control situations.

The discussion area is intended to support the focused and facilitated collection and exchange of information and/or knowledge that addresses specific concerns or issues of those concerned with applying and maintaining traffic control devices.

If you have a technical question or comment about the MUTCD in general or about a particular section or figure in the MUTCD, you can contact the appropriate member of the FHWA's MUTCD Team for technical assistance.

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