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Millennium Edition Revision 1 Changes

Revision No. 1 Changes List, dated December 28, 2001:

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  1. Page 1A-12, Section 1A.11, Relation to Other Documents. Add a new listed item U, as follows: "U. "Accessible Pedestrian Signals," A-37, U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (The U.S. Access Board)
  2. Page 4E-5, Section 4E.06, Accessible Pedestrian Signals. In the first Support, in both the second and fourth sentences, change "vast majority of" to "many"; in the first Guidance, remove the existing paragraph entirely and replace with: "If a particular signalized intersection presents difficulties for pedestrians who have visual disabilities to cross safely and effectively, an engineering study should be conducted that considers the safety and effectiveness for pedestrians in general, as well as the information needs of pedestrians with visual disabilities."; in the second Support, in the fourth line of the second paragraph change "professionals" to "staff"; also in the second Support, add a new third sentence: "The U.S. Access Board's Document A-37, 'Accessible Pedestrian Signals,' provides various techniques for making pedestrian signal information available to persons with visual disabilities."
  3. Pages 4E-5 and 4E-6, Section 4E.06, Accessible Pedestrian Signals. In the second Guidance, which starts at the bottom of Page 4E-5 and continues onto the top of Page 4E-6, remove the entire Guidance (both paragraphs.)