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MUTCD 2003 Edition Manual

2003 MUTCD—The Current Edition, dated November 1, 2003

Change List: Click here for a list of all changes from the 2000 MUTCD that are included in the 2003 MUTCD.

Millennium Edition with Revision No. 1 changes, dated December 28, 2001

Revision No. 1 Change List, dated December 28, 2001

Millennium Edition with Errata No. 1 changes, dated July 26, 2001

Errata No. 1, dated June 14, 2001

Millennium Edition, dated December 18, 2000

The link to the most current version of the MUTCD is boxed at the top of this page.
As editorial corrections (Errata) and revisions (changes) are made to the 2003 Edition of the MUTCD, they are published on this website. Links to previous versions are listed below the link to the current version. For historical reference and to know what was in effect for a given date, these previous versions will be maintained on this website.

To view the Federal Register notices related to the 2003, 2000, and 1998 MUTCD amendments, please click on Resources, Federal Register in the navigation bar. You will notice that the date the text and figures are posted on the website is different from the date of the Federal Register. This is because the rulemaking process requires that the text and figures be posted before the Federal Register is published.