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With over 850 pages of guidelines, standards, and options in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), assistance in applying the Manual to unique local settings and circumstances is often very useful.

The FHWA has established the Peer-to-Peer program on Traffic Control Devices (P2P TCD), an excellent resource of technical assistance for public sector agencies. Similar to the more general Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Peer-to-Peer program, P2P TCD is devoted to issues related to the MUTCD. For more information about the Peer-to-Peer Program, please refer to the P2P Brochure (HTML, PDF 600KB).

How does the P2P TCD work?

FHWA's P2P TCD provides a way for public sector transportation officials to get answers to their questions about traffic control device issues. The program quickly connects volunteers with expertise in specific traffic control devices with professionals who need guidance with technical issues pertaining to the MUTCD and related technologies. This assistance will in turn help agencies and the traveling public realize the full benefits of improved safety and optimized traffic performance.

Active since January 2003, the P2P TCD program has already demonstrated numerous effective examples of peers helping peers around the country:

  • In Hughson, California, the city planners requested guidance in placing traffic signals at a difficult five-point intersection;

  • In Rifle, Colorado, guidance was needed in designing mid-block crosswalks where traffic signals were not present, but vehicles were expected to stop for all pedestrians.

In both cases, a peer with extensive experience with the unique situation, and knowledgeable in the application of the guidelines, standards, and options in the MUTCD and other documents, was able to provide the necessary information to guide the decision-making process. These are just two examples of the many successful collaborations brought about by the P2P TCD program.

How do you get involved?

The P2P TCD program is easy to use: send an E-mail to MUTCDP2P@dot.gov, or call Toll-free at 866-P2P-FHWA (866-727-3492). The Program Coordinator will select a peer from the volunteer database to assist you and will have the peer contact you directly.