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2009 Edition Chapter 3E. Markings For Toll Plazas

Section 3E.01 Markings for Toll Plazas

01 At toll plazas, pavement markings help road users identify the proper lane(s) to use for the type of toll payment they plan to use, to channelize movements into the various lanes, and to delineate obstructions in the roadway.

02 When a lane on the approach to a toll plaza is restricted to use only by vehicles with registered ETC accounts, the ETC Account-Only lane word markings described in Section 3D.01 and the preferential lane longitudinal markings described in Section 3D.02 shall be used. When one or more ORT lanes that are restricted to use only by vehicles with registered ETC accounts bypass a mainline toll plaza on a separate alignment, these word markings and longitudinal markings shall be used on the approach to the point where the ORT lanes diverge from the lanes destined for the mainline toll plaza.

03 Preferential lane-use symbol or word markings may be omitted at toll plazas where physical conditions preclude the use of the markings.

04 If an ORT lane that is immediately adjacent to a mainline toll plaza is not separated from adjacent cash payment toll plaza lanes by a curb or barrier, then channelizing devices (see Section 3H.01), and/or longitudinal pavement markings that discourage or prohibit lane changing should be used to separate the ORT lane from the adjacent cash payment lane. This separation should begin on the approach to the mainline toll plaza at approximately the point where the vehicle speeds in the adjacent cash lanes drop below 30 mph during off-peak periods and should extend downstream beyond the toll plaza approximately to the point where the vehicles departing the toll plaza in the adjacent cash lanes have accelerated to 30 mph.

05 For a toll plaza approach lane that is restricted to use only by vehicles with registered ETC accounts, the solid white lane line or edge line on the right-hand side of the ETC Account-Only lane and the solid white lane line or solid yellow edge line on the left-hand side of the ETC Account-Only lane may be supplemented with purple solid longitudinal markings placed contiguous to the inside edges of the lines defining the lane.

06 If used, the purple solid longitudinal marking described in the previous paragraph shall be a minimum of 3 inches in width and a maximum width equal to the width of the line it supplements, and ETC Account-Only preferential lane word markings (see Section 3D.01) shall be installed within the lane.

07 Toll booths and the islands on which they are located are considered to be obstructions in the roadway and they shall be provided with markings that comply with the provisions of Section 3B.10 and Chapter 3G.

08 Longitudinal pavement markings may be omitted alongside toll booth islands between the approach markings and any departure markings.

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