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Specific Service Signs:
Full Service Food Logo Panel MUTCD Experiment


Although the study was intended to assess the potential benefit of adding a new service type, Full Service Food, the survey results showed some confusion with the meaning of this service type. Therefore, the recommended changes to the MUTCD are focused on the Food service type, rather than on adding a new service type (Full Service Food). With that in mind, the results of this study support a change to the MUTCD to allow more than six Food service logos spread across multiple motherboards. This would only require the modification of one sentence from the current version of the MUTCD (2003) as follows:

The other relevant requirements would continue in force, including:


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MUTCD (2003). (November, 2003). Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices; Current Edition. Available on-line at Washington, DC: U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.

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