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2009 Edition Chapter 9A. General

Section 9A.01 Requirements for Bicyclist Traffic Control Devices

01 General information and definitions concerning traffic control devices are found in Part 1.

Section 9A.02 Scope

01 Part 9 covers signs, pavement markings, and highway traffic signals specifically related to bicycle operation on both roadways and shared-use paths.

02 Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 should be reviewed for general provisions, signs, pavement markings, and signals.

03 The absence of a marked bicycle lane or any of the other traffic control devices discussed in this Chapter on a particular roadway shall not be construed to mean that bicyclists are not permitted to travel on that roadway.

Section 9A.03 Definitions Relating to Bicycles

01 Definitions and acronyms pertaining to Part 9 are provided in Sections 1A.13 and 1A.14.

Section 9A.04 Maintenance

01 All signs, signals, and markings, including those on bicycle facilities, should be properly maintained to command respect from both the motorist and the bicyclist. When installing signs and markings on bicycle facilities, an agency should be designated to maintain these devices.

Section 9A.05 Relation to Other Documents

01 "The Uniform Vehicle Code and Model Traffic Ordinance" published by the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances (see Section 1A.11) has provisions for bicycles and is the basis for the traffic control devices included in this Manual.

02 Informational documents used during the development of the signing and marking recommendations in Part 9 include the following:

  1. "Guide for Development of Bicycle Facilities," which is available from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (see Page i for the address); and
  2. State and local government design guides.

03 Other publications that relate to the application of traffic control devices in general are listed in Section 1A.11.

Section 9A.06 Placement Authority

01 Section 1A.08 contains information regarding placement authority for traffic control devices.

Section 9A.07 Meaning of Standard, Guidance, Option, and Support

01 The introduction to this Manual contains information regarding the meaning of the headings Standard, Guidance, Option, and Support, and the use of the words "shall," "should," and "may."

Section 9A.08 Colors

01 Section 1A.12 contains information regarding the color codes.

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