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2003 MUTCD with Revisions 1 and 2, December 2007

2003 MUTCD with Revisions 1 and 2, December 2007 Edition cover

This is not the most current version of the MUTCD. The current version is the 11th Edition, dated December 2023.

The 2003 Edition of the MUTCD with Revision Numbers 1 and 2 incorporated, dated December 2007, is available in both PDF and HTML.

The 2003 MUTCD may be viewed in HTML format, in addition to PDF format. HTML format is accessible to individuals with disabilities, per Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. While every effort has been made to assure complete consistency between the PDF and HTML files posted on the MUTCD Web site, the PDF files constitute the official version of the MUTCD. The PDF files take precedence over any potentially conflicting MUTCD text or figures that may occur in the HTML files.

List of Changes

A document showing just the pages affected by Revision 2 changes (HTML) (PDF 70KB) shows how the 2003 Edition with Revisions 1 and 2 Incorporated (December 2007) differs from the 2003 Edition with only Revision 1 Incorporated (November 2004).