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11th Edition of the MUTCD, December 2023

Current MUTCD Edition

PDF version of MUTCD 11

The PDF of the 11th Edition of the MUTCD, dated December 2023, is the current edition of the official FHWA publication.

The current edition of the MUTCD is the 11th Edition, dated December 2023. The official version of the 11th Edition of the MUTCD is the PDF version.

Changes from the 2009 Edition

To assist agencies in understanding the new provisions, supplementary documents detailing new content of the 11th Edition of the MUTCD (December 2023), and how the new edition differs from its predecessor, the 2009 Edition with Revisions 1, 2, & 3 incorporated (August 2022), are available in the Rulemaking Docket and linked below.

Viewing the MUTCD

The 11th Edition of the MUTCD is available only in PDF format on this Web site. PDF formatted parts and chapters are accessible to individuals with disabilities, per Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.   Starting with the 11th Edition of the MUTCD, FHWA no longer provides the MUTCD in a companion HTML format.

The Complete MUTCD 11th Edition

This file contains the MUTCD in its entirety, including all Parts, Chapters, Figures, Tables, and Appendices.

MUTCD 11th Edition, December 2023

Individual Parts and Chapters

Individual files by Part or Chapter are provided for easier viewing online or for faster downloading.  The content of these files is identical that of the complete MUTCD file.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - General

Part 2 - Signs:

Chapter 2A - General

Chapter 2B - Regulatory Signs, Barricades, and Gates

Chapter 2C - Warning Signs and Object Markers

Chapter 2D - Guide Signs - Conventional Roads

Chapter 2E - Guide Signs - Freeways and Expressways

Chapter 2F - Toll Road Signs

Chapter 2G - Preferential and Managed Lane Signs

Chapters 2H-2N - General Information Signs, General Service Signs, Specific Service Signs, Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs, Changeable Message Signs, Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Signs, and Emergency Management Signs

Part 3 - Markings

Part 4 - Highway Traffic Signals

Part 5 - Traffic Control Device Considerations for Automated Vehicles

Part 6 - Temporary Traffic Control

Part 7 - Traffic Control for School Areas

Part 8 - Traffic Control for Railroad and Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings

Part 9 - Traffic Control for Bicycle Facilities

Appendices A1 and A2 - Congressional Legislation and Metric Conversions

Additional Resources

Additional resources are forthcoming. This list and web page will be updated as the resources are published.